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Amazon Connect authentication solution

Bogdan Kulbida – AWS IQ Expert

Bogdan Kulbida has a passion for building serverless software on AWS. He specializes in helping customers design, document, and develop highly scalable, flexible, and resilient cloud solutions. Bogdan holds four AWS Certifications including the Security Specialty. He recently completed a project on AWS IQ for a customer service company looking to design a serverless web application.

The customer was looking for help with their upcoming integration with Amazon Connect. They were looking for expert advice and a review of their plans. They had planned for their custom web app to connect with Auth0, an authentication and authorization solution. The client company has their own development team and would engineer the solution in-house. To accomplish this they needed to review the back end architecture designs and understand the front end requirements.

About: Amazon Connect
Amazon Connect is an easy to use omnichannel cloud contact center that helps companies provide superior customer service at a lower cost.

I responded soon after the client posted their request. Within a week, I had provided them the authentication designs they requested (seen below). We scheduled a few video sessions to guide them through each step of the user flow and answer any questions. The customer was able to make their React.js application use Auth0 to connect with their Amazon Connect solution. Since then they have requested support for on-going efforts for integration and back-end development. I look forward to continued work with them and future projects on AWS IQ.

Architecture diagram 1
Architecture diagram 2
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