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Network file share in the cloud using Amazon WorkDocs

Roger Chi – AWS IQ Expert

Roger is a technology and financial services professional with 15 years of experience in delivering software and consulting to financial services, banking clients, and small businesses. He is a certified AWS Solutions Architect, a full-stack developer, and experienced in many AWS technologies. His latest project for AWS IQ involved configuring Amazon WorkDocs and onboarding four remote employees for a small actuarial consulting company.

My client is the owner of a small actuarial consulting company with a total of four remote employees. The client was in need of a cloud-based, network file share to share files with other employees. They had heard of Amazon WorkDocs, but were unsuccessful in completing the setup previously and were unfamiliar with the functionality of the service.

I proposed a two phase project. I removed the incomplete WorkDocs directory, configured a new one with Simple AD, and on-boarded one user with the web interface and the local WorkDocs Drive interface. I then provided hands on training to the client through a conference call to ensure they were comfortable with the solution. In the second phase, I sent invitations to the other users, created a Shared folder everyone could access, and created a set of PowerPoint and PDF training presentations for both end-users and administrators. I made sure the owner was self-sufficient in being able to administer their WorkDocs directory, and finalized the project by removing my own access to their resources.

The client was extremely pleased with how straightforward it was to use the WorkDocs service and with the comprehensiveness of my provided hand-on training and reference materials. At the end of the project, the client inquired if I would be available for future work through IQ, and given how seamless the experience was from both a provider and client perspective, the answer was a resounding “Yes!”.

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