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Building an e-commerce analytics dashboard

James Barney – AWS IQ Expert

James Barney of Southend Solutions has more than 10 years experience with emerging cloud technologies. James is a Certified AWS Professional with specialties in data analytics, serverless computing, and cost optimization, and is located in the Southeast US. He recently completed a project on AWS IQ with a top 2000 seller.

The client was looking for improved insights into their Amazon customer order patterns, item turnover rate, and overall sales performance. As they weren’t interested in expensive, pre-built software, the client turned to AWS IQ and partnered with Southend Solutions to build a scalable, robust, and affordable platform to use for their business.

James made himself readily available to the client by phone and through timely responses on AWS IQ. He quickly proposed a solution involving pay-per-use, serverless technologies like AWS Lambda, AWS SQS, Aurora RDS Serverless, AWS S3, and Amazon QuickSight. James’ ability to understand the business’s needs and translate those into an innovative solution resulted in a monthly bill 20 times less than any other available online service.

The client’s data was available in the Amazon Marketplace but the format did not allowed for advanced analytics. James built a data pipeline from the Marketplace to SQS and a processing Lambda function. That Lambda inserted new or modified records into the Aurora Serverless database. From there, a QuickSight hourly process consumed all the new data and automatically updated all visualizations, tables, and insights that James built for the business. The client received a daily report scheduled from QuickSight that shows detailed sales history and sales forecasts using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Those reports power their business’s warehouse inventory, directly impacting bottom line.

Architecture diagram

In less than 4 weeks and despite being 2,500 miles from his IQ Expert, the client’s solution is already providing value to their company and customers. It is now easy to spot trends and catch breakout items from sales while maintaining a low monthly budget in AWS. The client and Southend Solutions are continuing to work together to build out a more capable platform for their business.

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